Two More Lead Writers Fired By WWE

Vince McMahon has lost many of his top writers in 2019, and last week, the WWE chairman reportedly fired two more prominent members of the creative team.

According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, lead Raw writer Steve Oppenheim and co-lead SmackDown Live writer Steve Guerreri were fired last week. According to Satin, sources said that Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff did not make the decisiosn to fire Oppenheim and Guerreri.

Heyman and Bischoff were introduced as the new Executive Directors for Raw and SmackDown, respectively, at the end of June. Major changes backstage were inevitable, but it's a surprise that Vince would part ways with two of his longest-tenured writers.

Per his LinkedIn Profile (h/t Satin), Oppenheim was working with WWE since 2011, and Guerreri had been with the company since 2012. Their departures from the company come three months after WWE parted ways with Robert Evans, who claimed to have quit amid rumors that he was fired. Back in May, WWE also fired one of its other lead Raw writers in Ryan Callahan.

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Vince is clearly feeling the heat as he tries to rebuild the WWE product. Ratings have plummeted immensely in 2019 so far, and the rise of AEW is adding more pressure for WWE to regain its momentum. McMahon obviously feels like one of the solutions here is to rebuild his creative team entirely.

Many were calling for Vince to start shaking up the overall look of his WWE product, but he refused to make changes for years and years. Bringing Heyman and Bischoff was a way of Vince admitting that his ideas and plans weren't working. Now, the WWE chairman is wasting no time moving on from writers that he feels like aren't getting the job done.

What This Means

Perhaps we'll find out more on the details of these two firings, but you do have to feel sorry for Guerreri and Oppenheim. It's not easy working for a hands on and demanding boss like Vince, especially during a time where WWE is experiencing many problems backstage. Hopefully, this will lead to better opportunities for both Guerreri and Oppenheim, who enjoyed plenty of success during their time in WWE.

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