WWE Hall of Famer Says Sami Zayn Could Be A Major Player

Sami Zayn came out and delivered a home run promo on Raw and one WWE Hall of Famer believes it could be the ticket that makes Zayn a major player.

On this past week’s episode of RAW, Sami Zayn made his return and while he wasn't able to defeat Finn Balor for the Intercontinental Championship, he did take an opportunity to tell the fans how he felt while away from the business. Saying he didn't miss them at all and calling them viruses, he let the fans have it with a scathing in-ring promo that caught a lot of people's attention. The next night on SmackDown Live he returned to tell the audience, “You’re not worth it.”

One former WWE wrestler who noticed just how good Zayn's promos were was Hall of Famer, Mark Henry. Henry was so impressed, he recently discussed Zayn on the radio and said this may be the thing that makes Zayn a major player and that he's positioned himself for a big run moving forward.

Henry commented on Busted Open that Zayn was, “On fire.” He added that after he heard Zayn’s promo, he walked up to him and I said, “‘Man, who the hell are you? Who are you? Where has this guy been all this time?’ He said, ‘Mark, I’m not holding back anymore.’ I said, ‘Don’t. Please don’t hold back!'”

What This Means

Henry isn't the only one who seems to realize Zayn touched a positive nerve. It sounds like Vince McMahon took notice and is going to push hard for more promos like this from Sami.  As the Superstar Shake-up takes place next week and wherever Zayn lands (he's classified by WWE as a free agent on the website) he may go back and forth for a while, he's going to get a good look.

Once he picks a landing spot, fans may be a seeing a lot more of him after having not seen him for months.

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