WWE Hints Female Superstar Will Undergo Serious Character Change

Liv Morgan told the announce crew of SmackDown Live after her loss to Charlotte Flair, when she returns to WWE, she'll be real.

SmackDown Live started off with a town hall segment that allowed WWE Superstars on the blue brand to air their grievances. Not everyone had negative things to say as Charlotte went up to the mic and began to compliment Shane McMahon and the McMahon family. She was interrupted by an unfamiliar voice.

Liv Morgan walked up and essentially told Charlotte to stop sucking up and asked if there was anything real about her? Charlotte's response was that Liv didn't have much of a right to talk considering she has a blue tongue and no one would know who she was if Kevin Owens hadn't "belched her name" out during his epic promo on last week's show.

The exchange ended up seeing the two compete in a match later that evening.

Unfortunately for Morgan, she was unable to back up her words and lost a hard-fought match to Flair. Flair remained one of the top female competitors on the SmackDown roster and Morgan left seemingly in tears as she rolled out of the ring and approached the announce table.

Grabbing Corey Graves headset off his head, she spoke to the WWE Universe and said, "Charlotte's right, and when I come back, I'm gonna be real."

What This Means

WWE obviously has something planned for Morgan but it will be interesting to see when exactly they start to present whatever character change they have in mind. Saying "when I come back" suggests she'll be away from WWE programming for some time. Saying "I'm gonna be real" suggests fans will see an entirely different Liv Morgan.

Morgan has hinted at playing on the words "SmackDown Liv" and maybe WWE is steering her ship in that direction.

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