Unannounced WWE Legends Expected To Appear At Raw 25th Anniversary

Raw’s 25th Anniversary show is just over a week away. We've already taken a look at the legends confirmed for the show and here are the ones who could also show up.



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Goldberg has been very open about falling out of love with the wrestling business, if he was ever really a fan of it to begin with. Then in 2016/17 he made a surprise return and that all changed. He rebuilt bridges and made amends for the bad WWE run he had 13 years prior. Now those bridges have been rebuilt he will likely pop back from time to time.


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Another man you likely never envisioned returning to WWE is Batista. Between his last run and successful movie career why would he want to? Well apparently he does, and as a full time star too not just a one off appearance. Maybe his latest run will begin at Raw's 25th anniversary on January 22nd.

Trish Stratus

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WWE is going to need an influx of former female Superstars during Raw's 25th anniversary week as on the Sunday the first ever women's Royal Rumble will be taking place. If there are women coming back then Trish Stratus needs to be at the top of the call list. She really is a must for Raw on the Monday and the Rumble six days later.


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If Stratus is coming back then Lita has to be as well. Years before today's female Superstars main evented Raw Trish and Lita did it for the Women's Championship. The two were bitter enemies on screen for years and are best friends until this day. Plus Lita still works for WWE from time to time.

Edge and Christian

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Someone Lita will likely hope she doesn't bump into back stage if both of them are at Raw's 25th anniversary is Edge. He and Christian are also both rumored to be at the show together and if so we will likely be treated to some five second poses. Hopefully they will convince someone back stage that a second season of their Network show is a good idea too.


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Sting's run in WWE was unfortunately a very short one due to how late in his career it came plus an injury suffered at the hands of Seth Rollins derailed it. There are rumors that he may still have one match left in him though. Could he return on January 22nd to find a suitable challenger? The Undertaker is going to be there. Just saying.

Bret Hart

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The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Bret Hart might have turned into a grumpy guy in his old age but surely even The Hitman can't resist the chance to celebrate Raw's 25th birthday? Seth Rollins will be there after all and perhaps Hart can share a few tips with him about being a safer worker.


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When the topic of the busiest men in wrestling gets raised Taz is a name that often gets overlooked. The former WWE Superstar and announcer currently co-hosts a radio show that goes live for 15 hours a week, plus still does his own show also. The Raw anniversary show will be in New York though so perhaps he could spare an hour or two and pop by.

Tommy Dreamer

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If all these names show up on January 22nd then the original ECW will be well represented. Paul Heyman and The Dudleyz will definitely be there while Taz and Tommy Dreamer may join the festivities also. Dreamer is another extremely busy man as he now runs his very own promotion but he may very well be on Raw in a week and a half.


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A lot of the names being banded about for the women's Royal Rumble are relatively recent ones. If you delve a little deeper there are some slightly older names that can probably still go. Former Women's Champion Ivory is potentially on the invite list for the anniversary show and there is no reason why she couldn't also be in the Rumble.

Molly Holly

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Someone that WWE have apparently already contacted regarding a potential comeback is Molly Holly. Holly is another name that may not have necessarily been on many fan's radar but you can rest assured she is still in great wrestling shape. She currently spends a lot of her time training young wrestlers at Mr Kennedy's school.

Jonathan Coachman

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Johnathan Coachman has a long and storied history with WWE. Not only was he employed by the company as an interviewer and announcer for ten years, he also helped build a relationship between the WWE and ESPN while he was a reporter at the latter. He may be employed by neither entity now but he could still be on Raw come January 22nd.

Santino Marella

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There's this horrible nagging feeling in the backs of our minds that during the women's Royal Rumble Santino Marella may enter dressed as a woman. He did it in a battle royal once and ended up winning the thing. We could very well see Santina in the landmark match and regular old Santino on Raw six days earlier.

Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson is pretty much the epitome of what the women's revolution has left behind in pro wrestling. Nevertheless if you have seen her lately you will know that Wilson is still in phenomenal shape and might look even better than she did while with WWE. We already know that Vince McMahon is a big fan so don't be surprised if you see her on the anniversary show.

Honky Tonk Man

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Last but certainly not least is the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time, the Honky Tonk Man. The WWE legend may roll into New York with his guitar and challenge Elias to a battle of the bands type deal. Or maybe Kane will break the guitar over Honky Tonk's head like he did in the 2001 Royal Rumble match.

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