WWE Locker Room Morale Is "The Worst It's Ever Been" [Rumor]

Many are aware by now that things are extremely tense backstage in WWE, with ratings declining and a handful of superstars requesting to be let go from their contracts.

Things haven't been this toxic backstage in at least 20 years. WWE has been quick to remove any superstars that have caused problems in the locker room, and they've always had the well-respected leaders to maintain order.

But now? The locker room may be in the worst shape it's ever been. Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Ringside News), provided the details and compared the current situation to past eras.

"All I can tell you is that morale in WWE is so bad and I’ve heard it from multiple people and I’ve heard it like they’ll say that ‘morale is bad’ and I say, ‘I’ve heard’ and they’ll say. ‘no, really bad.’ So it’s probably the worst it’s ever been, I’m not sure.

I know it was bad in the wake of the invasion. I know some people were unhappy for different reasons and obviously The Kliq made some people’s lives miserable and not everybody’s. In ’96, ’97, ’98 I know things turned around people were making a lot of money so maybe the early 90’s, but it’s bad."

Back in January, it was reported that Mike and Maria Kanellis - along with The Revival - asked WWE to release them from their contracts. A few weeks ago, Luke Harper took to Twitter and announced he asked WWE to let him go. Also, Sasha Banks hasn't appeared since WrestleMania 35, growing dissatisfied after her and Bayley were forced to drop the Women's Tag Team Championships to The IIconics.

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It's also been reported that Banks has had tension with Alexa Bliss backstage, too. On top of that, Braun Strowman and Lio Rush have found themselves in trouble as well. Strowman committed a dangerous botch at WrestleMania 35, accidentally injuring Ali in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Rush has also been unhappy about not being able to bring his wife with him backstage.

And of course, the decline in ratings and the rise of the AEW promotion aren't helping causes. Vince McMahon has also let go of some of his top WWE writers over the past month. Things just keep getting worse and worse for the WWE - from a business standpoint and in the locker room, and there aren't any clear signs that things are about to get better.

What This Means

The Undertaker and John Cena were always among the main locker room leaders in WWE, but both only work on part-time schedules now. It's obvious that the roster is in need of more leadership, and somebody better step up soon, before things get even worse backstage.

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