WWE Locker Room Is Currently in "Utter Chaos" [Rumor]

It's hard to think of a time where WWE was in as much disarray as they are right now, and things just continue to keep getting worse and worse for the company as 2019 progresses.

For starters, they lost a top superstar in Dean Ambrose - who rejected a new contract and went on to compete in AEW as Jon Moxley. The company has also seen a major drop in television ratings over the last several weeks - which isn't ideal considering Fox is about to take over the SmackDown Live broadcasts.

Now? WWE insider Brad Shepard is reporting that things are "utter chaos" amid a tense locker room. A source told him that the Women's Tag Team Championships are barely discussed during meetings, and that Bayley, The Revival, Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan are not very pleased with where they stand.

Shepard also added that outside of Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre - who are determined to perform a "memorable feud " - the others are "lacking in the morale department right now."

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Moxley's departure from the WWE was only the start of what would be a terrible few months for WWE. Sasha Banks has been on hiatus Since WrestleMania 35, having grown frustrated about having to drop the Women's Tag Team titles to The IIconics. She has not come back to WWE since, and it's unknown if she'll return.

Last week, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio reported that some WWE superstars "are counting the days" until their contracts expire, because many of them want to head to AEW. So with a handful of superstars wanting out, it's easy to understand why the locker room is tense right now.

What This Means

Things have gone so bad for WWE that it's easy to believe things are going to get worse before they get better. A decline in ratings, a chaotic locker room and unhappy superstars wanting to get out? You can't make this stuff up, and it's anybody's guess what the company will do in trying to fix everything.

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