WWE Continues To Experience Low Attendance Numbers Since Stomping Grounds

WWE is reportedly experiencing some record-low attendance, with the trend seeping from Stomping Grounds into this week.

It was previously reported that the ticket sales and attendance numbers for Sunday's PPV were disappointingly low and it appears that things have hardly since.

While the ratings for Monday Night Raw improved slightly, likely due to The Undertaker's surprise appearance, there weren't as many people in attendance as expected. According to Wrestling Observer, Raw's audience consisted of just 3,500 attendees, which marks one of the thinnest crowds for a Raw show in years.

Tuesday night's SmackDown Live was reported as being pretty similar, although the exact attendance figure is not known. The photo below shows a section of empty seats at the event's hard camera side.

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To be fair, though, Stomping Grounds was actually a pretty great show. The PPV garnered rave plaudits afterwards, but tickets were pretty hard to get rid of. Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez notes that 6,000 people attended but only 4,000-4,500 paid.

Alvarez also revealed being informed that WWE was giving tickets away at a shopping mall, also offering two-for-one deals, while Dave Meltzer claimed that tickets were going for as low as $20, which is unusual for a PPV.

4,500 at max is pretty disappointing for an arena that seats up to 20,000 people, but Vince McMahon will hope that recent ratings, as well as the positive reviews on Stomping Grounds and the shows since then,  will push attendance back up.

One has to wonder if the emergence of All Elite Wrestling has something to do with this. Double or Nothing sold out rather quickly and the upcoming All Out sold out in just 15 minutes.

Are disgruntled fans keeping their money for AEW shows or have they already spent on All Out? Or is this just an overall ratings thing? Either way, things aren't looking great for WWE. But they certainly seem like they're poised to bounce back after a great Stomping Grounds event.

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