WWE Makes Hilarious King of the Ring Graphic Mistake On Raw [Photo]

Samoa Joe defeated Cesaro on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw to advance to the quarterfinals of the King of the Ring tournament - and he'll face the winner of Drew McIntyre vs. Ricochet.

But you may have noticed that the WWE graphics team made a brutal botch following Joe's victory over Cesaro. After the match, the graphic outlined that he'll advance to the semifinals - which is obviously wrong.

You can have a look at the botched graphic below (hat tip to Ringside News for pointing this out).

Either the production team made a mistake, or else they accidentally spoiled that Joe will be defeating the winner of the McIntyre-Ricochet match. At any rate, Vince McMahon and WWE officials may want to make sure that there aren't any more noticeable typos on simple graphics like this.

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In defense of the team that made this graphic mistake, it wasn't as embarrassing as the one that happened at NXT TakeOver: Toronto. During the show, WWE displayed graphics on the big screen that listed superstars and their finishing maneuvers. The name of "Dean Ambrose" showed up on there, even though he left four months ago and has since joined the AEW promotion - where he goes by "Jon Moxley."

Mistakes do happen, of course, and wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer has explained that the production mistakes stem from the crew being extremely tired. Vince McMahon has been scrambling a lot to fix WWE's ratings while preparing for the SmackDown and NXT moves to Fox and USA Network on Friday and Wednesday nights, respectively. WWE employees have probably working more extensively this year, and mistakes are bound to happen during a time of chaos inside the company.

What This Means

At the end of the day, it's a harmless graphic mistake that doesn't do any damage to WWE. If anything else, it's good to provide a nice laugh for wrestling fans. The production team shouldn't take all the blame, either. Someone in WWE should be catching double-checking these graphics before they go on the air.

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