WWE Inadvertently Mentions Dean Ambrose During NXT TakeOver: Toronto

It's been almost four months since Dean Ambrose wrestled his last match in WWE at The Shield's Final Chapter, and let's just say the company hasn't fully moved on from him yet.

During Saturday's NXT TakeOver: Toronto event at the Scotiabank Arena, WWE displayed graphics that listed superstars and finishing maneuvers (via Ringside News). A fan in attendance tweeted out a photo that shows Ambrose's name showing up on the screen:

After leaving WWE, Ambrose debuted the new Jon Moxley character at AEW's first event, Double or Nothing. He has signed a multi-year seal with the new wrestling promotion, having also made appearances in New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Everybody knows that WWE traditionally avoids referencing former superstars who have left for rival promotions, so Vince McMahon can't be happy about the accidental mentioning of Ambrose here. It was obviously an honest mistake, one that the the WWE crew failed to notice before the show.

And of course, WWE is trying to stay away from referencing AEW and its superstars altogether. But it simply looks bad on WWE's part here, since Ambrose left four months ago - having adopted a new ring name.

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In January, WWE confirmed reports that Ambrose turned down an offer and chose to leave the company when his contract expired. WWE reunited The Shield during Ambrose's final weeks with the promotion, and they went out on a high note by defeating Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin at the aforementioned Final Chapter event.

After joining AEW, Moxley went on a rant against WWE and expressed his goal to show that their "creative process sucks...Vince's way sucks." Moxley also suggested that the WWE chairman should "listen to someone else's ideas."

What This Means

Going forward, WWE officials will want to make sure they have Ambrose's name removed from graphic displays like this. It's obviously not a serious issue, but you know Vince can't be happy about it. Not with a war against AEW on the horizon.

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