Ways WWE Screwed Up This Week - Bringing Back Booker T

WWE has had a big month. With WrestleMania 34 now in the books and the Superstar Shake-Up complete, the company is working its way toward The Greatest Royal Rumble event on April 27, 2018, and Backlash on May 6, 2018. There has been so much on the go, it's forced WWE to make a number of decisions. Not all of them have been great ones.

In our weekly look at the ways WWE screwed up, we'll focus mostly on the Superstar Shake-up and how it affects upcoming events. Did WWE get it right when the moved almost 40 talents between the two shows? Did they call up too many names from NXT or make the right moves in that respect?

Rusev, Bobby Lashley, Bobby Roode, and others headline our list of the biggest ways WWE screwed up this week.

Bobby Roode Still Not A Heel

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WWE had the perfect opportunity turn one astute move into two really smart ones. First, they screwed up by labeling Bobby Roode the red brand's "huge mystery acquisition" because he's really not that important to the WWE yet. Then by mixing him into the 10-man tag match, he got quickly lost in the shuffle once the initial pop of his entrance music played.

Instead of hiding him in a tag match that was more about sending Miz to Tuesdays, why not have him debut and turn heel, suggesting he was going to save Raw? This is the type of character change Roode needs to be an effective talent in WWE. Otherwise, he's good a nice entrance.

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Broke Up Miztourage


How can you not love the fact that The Miz will have to go face-to-face with Daniel Bryan? Bryan needs the continued momentum and a push towards being one of the company's biggest promoted babyfaces and Miz will excel in this role. But, this move without Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas will likely mean the end of the Miztourage and they were really becoming underground fan favorites of the WWE Universe.

But, being loved by the WWE Universe does not mean they'll be an effective babyface tag team and if WWE keeps them together, that will be the idea. It won't last long.

The King of Low Blows


What is WWE thinking with this whole low blow storyline between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura? It's been a non-stop low blow fiesta since Nakamura turned heel at WrestleMania 34 and WWE has even posted questions on their website asking if Styles should wear a cup at The Greatest Royal Rumble for their matchup? They're turning a very wise decision to make Nakamura heel into a running joke.

Nakamura doesn't need the cheap heat to get over as a bad guy here. One low blow at WrestleMania was enough to let people know. Even a second one might have been tolerable, but to make this feud all about the low blow is WWE screaming out they have no idea what to do with these two.

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Booker T Back On Commentary

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We don't hate Booker T but to bring him back on commentary this Monday is an interesting decision by WWE. If this is a long-term thing, it's a huge mistake. There is a good chance this is just a one-off but it appears Booker T will be replacing Coach on Raw this Monday and no one seems to know why. Coach didn't even know until a fan pointed it out and he had to look into it further.

Booker T is entertaining but often not for the right reasons. If he's replacing Coach, it's not going to give an opportunity to a real professional like Coach for the platform to improve. Coach needed work but was committed to getting better.

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Rusev Flip Flop

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Whatever is going on with Rusev and WWE is confusing at best and ugly at worst. He started as the opponent for Undertaker at The Greatest Royal Rumble and then was replaced by Chris Jericho. He was then put back in and Jericho was added to the Rumble itself.

Something is happening behind the scenes with Rusev and the likelihood is that it isn't news he's getting a push.

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Lashley Already Forgotten

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Bobby Lashley coming back to WWE should be a huge news item. He was buried in with the rest of the surprises on the post-WrestleMania Raw and then stuck into the 10-man tag match on last week's Raw. He'll be in the Greatest Royal Rumble and likely won't win.

For someone that was rumored to be such a big item, WWE hasn't really treated him as anything important. He should be getting squash matches or his own segments to put him over as a real threat.

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