Ways WWE Screwed Up This Week - Pancakes Receive A Monster Push

This week, WWE made some minor mistakes and they also made some major ones. Drawing attention to themselves in ways they probably shouldn't have, the company should have approached to topics of racism and a school shooting tragedy a little differently than they did.

In smaller news, and to nitpick, WWE also should have considered a different name to induct Goldberg into the Hall of Fame, should have pushed a worthy tag team over some pancakes and made sure they followed up a strong Raw with an even better SmackDown Live.

Here are five ways WWE screwed up this week.

Changed Apollo's Name

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No one should be surprised to hear that WWE change Apollo Crews to Apollo. WWE did the same with Rusev, Cesaro, Elias, and others. The reason this is considered a screw up by WWE this time is because of the reason.

The past few names were changed because Vince McMahon felt it was easier to remember and use only one name. This time, he made the immediate change because of the shooting in Florida. The shooter had the last name Cruz and that was enough for WWE to decide to remove Crews from Apollo's name.

The shooting was tragic and it's understandable WWE wouldn't want any accidental association to the tragedy but changing his name because of this makes the comparison for people when they might not have made it on their own. We know because Terry Crews (the actor) picked up on it when the change was announced. He might not have otherwise.

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Goldberg Being Inducted By Paul Heyman

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It's great that Goldberg is being inducted into this year's Hall of Fame Class, but was there really no one more appropriate to induct him than Paul Heyman? Heyman has been an adversary to Goldberg for the past couple years but before that had no real connection to Goldberg.

This could be a sign that Goldberg made too many enemies during his career or that Heyman was just the right guy to sell Golberg's legacy, but anyone from WCW might have been better suited as most of his history was with that company. What about Sting? What about Kevin Nash? What about Ryback? Now that would have been interesting.

Racism In WWE

This is not to suggest that racism is rampant or permitted in WWE, but the fact that a stronger stance hasn't been taken by the company when incidences of racism come up is not good. WWE should let all fans know there is no place in WWE for this sort of thing.

Mae Young Classic winner and NXT talent Kairi Sane was subject to some racist taunts by the WWE audience at a recent event. While something may be done, it hasn't really been done yet and that sort of thing should never be permitted, punishment should be swift and WWE should have a zero-tolerance policy with bans from the events to those who were caught doing so.

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Pushing Pancakes

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Some people love New Day's antics and admittedly some of their stuff (the more subtle jokes) are funny. However, in recent weeks and on Tuesday's episode of SmackDown Live, WWE decided that pancakes were more important than the team of Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable.

New Day will go on to face the Usos (again) in a match instead of Gable and Benjamin and while New Day and the Usos have in-ring chemistry, that feud had its time and a new team deserves the spotlight. I wrote it before and I'll say it again, New Day is at risk of becoming a mockery of themselves.

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Failed To Follow Up on the Gauntlet Match

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WWE had a real opportunity to follow up a fantastic Raw episode that featured a two-hour Gauntlet match with an episode of SmackDown Live that used arguably better wrestlers in prime ways, yet, they failed to do so.

SmackDown Live was almost exclusively negative with very bad ideas, terrible delivery and wasted stories that made the show hard to watch.

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