Ways WWE Screwed Up This Week - Pushing Randy Orton

As WrestleMania approaches, WWE is trying to set the table for the biggest show of the year. Needing to first get through The Elimination Chamber and Fastlane pay-per-views, there are a few ideas the company is toying with in an effort to work around injuries, roster changes and a WWE audience that WWE feels is getting "in the way" of their scripted plans.

Unfortunately, the ways WWE is trying to overcome certain obstacles aren't working terribly well. They've paired two former enemies in the hopes the audience won't recall their past issues, they've decided not to sign a huge star, they've taken a popular mid-card wrestler off tv because of crowd chants and they're pushing the wrong talent.

Here are five ways the WWE screwed up this week.

WWE Pairs Finn Balor With Seth Rollins

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Jason Jordan has been taken out by a serious injury that could keep him off of television indefinitely. The injury is not good news for a young star just starting to find his legs but more than that, in the here and now, WWE needs to come up with a new idea for Seth Rollins who was set to feud with Jordan. That idea appears to be Finn Balor.

The problem with this is that it completely ignores a match and angle from a few weeks back when Balor lost to Rollins thanks to interference from Jordan. It also virtually guarantees that The Club is going to be cast aside as the WWE moves forward.


WWE Still Hasn't Signed Rey Mysterio

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He returned at the Royal Rumble and it's now been a couple weeks and there's still no sign of Rey Mysterio on the WWE roster. He's a huge star with a huge following and with the injuries that are popping up to major names on the WWE roster, this is a time when WWE should be investing in sure things.

Mysterio simply doesn't want to come back full time. WWE should be able to make that work. There's still a chance he pops up as a surprise in the 205 Live Cruiserweight Tournament but that doesn't seem likely.

Dillinger Off TV Because of "Ten" Chants

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It sounds crazy and fans are hoping it isn't true but there is speculation that the reason Tye Dillinger hasn't been on television as of late is that WWE is upset fans are chanting "10" when he makes his appearances. As ludicrous as that sounds, it's possible as Vince has tried to squash other chants that let the WWE audience get involved in the show.

Amazingly, WWE is still pushing his "10" character. He came in at No. 10 on the SmackDown Live Top Ten list and he was entry No. 10 at the Royal Rumble.


Pushing Randy Orton

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If you saw SmackDown Live this week you saw a segment that brought back Randy Orton only to completely demolish Rusev, Aiden English and Bobby Roode. It makes so little sense to give Orton the nod over three up-and-coming stars yet the WWE did just that.

As if they were no competition at all, Orton gave all three stars an RKO and left them laying to pose to a WWE crowd who is far more into Rusev and Roode than they are Orton.

SmackDown Live Top Ten List

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WWE decided out of the blue to announce at Top Ten from SmackDown Live as voted on by the rest of the roster. There didn't seem to be much more to it other than to tell fans who the ten-best talents on the roster were and what resulted was a number of players left of the list and a dispute over who was placed where. The fact Rusev was left off the list tells fans everything they need to know about what the company thinks about one of the most popular characters on their roster right now.

The list itself seemed like a waste of time but perhaps WWE tries to make a story out of it.

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