WWE Needs To Stop Silencing Fan Chants

Would Daniel Bryan be what he is without the "Yes!" chants? Would Bill Goldberg be what he is without "Goldberg!, Goldberg!" being chanted or piped through the arena? Would Fandango have been as popular as he was if the crowd didn't sing his song? What about "Hey Bayley... would you be my girl..."?

The answer to all of these questions is no, but for some reason, WWE wants to try and cut a number of these chants from television and get the crowd to stop doing them.

Could you imagine what would have happened if Vince McMahon didn't finally listen to the fans who canted "E-C-W" over and over again? There would never have been ECW on WWE programming, Paul Heyman wouldn't have made his way to the WWE and guys like the Dudley Boys and other former ECW greats might not have made it to the show and become part of the WWE Hall of Fame. Chants have their place in wrestling and it seems ridiculous to try and tell the fans what to enjoy and what not to.

Sure, there are chants that have backfired on WWE Superstars in the past. When Ryback wanted to be known as his own character and stand on his own two feet, he couldn't get past the Goldberg chants that echoed the arena each time he performed. Stone Cold Steve Austin is long gone, yet his "What!?" chants still take center stage during a lot of WWE's greatest promos. Some chants are just odd. Like chanting "You Suck!" at Kurt Angle even though the fans love him.


Like anything, chants have their good and chants have their bad. But, almost always, chants are born organically. The WWE Universe latches onto something they truly love or despise and their chants take on a life of their own. That WWE wants to take that away seems cruel.

A recent example of the fans simply having fun was when ring announcer Greg Hamilton would announce "the following match is scheduled for one fall," to which the crowd would yell back "ONE FALL!". Seems harmless right? Not to Vince McMahon who has decided there is no place in the company for that kind of misbehavior from the WWE Universe. Another rumor says Tye Dillinger has been kept off  TV because WWE doesn't like the "10" chant.

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The smart WWE talents will use these chants to their advantage. Shawn Michaels and McMahon himself became one of the greatest heel duos because of the "You screwed Bret" chants that echoed through every arena in Canada for years after Bret Hart left for WCW. Sheamus has taken the "you look stupid chants" and embraced them turning himself into a great heel character with enough style that he and Cesaro have been able to create their own unique look. For these talents, it's what you do with the chants that count.

So too, they say any response is a good response. That John Cena has half the crowd chanting "Let's go Cena" and the other chanting "Cena sucks" simply means he still registers on enough people's radar that it matters enough to chant anything at all. You'll notice of late, as Cena has distanced himself a bit from the product, the chants have quieted. That's not a good sign.

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Part of what makes being in a WWE audience is getting to be a part of the show. That McMahon is trying to silence these fans is taking away part of the enjoyment of being on live television or at a live event. You can almost guarantee that a few fans would come to a show just to chant "one fall" but that WWE has removed the ability to do that with your fellow fans, it's like a little piece of the audience has died.

As long as chants aren't rude or vulgar, don't threaten or infringe on people's rights, there's really nothing wrong with them. They are a natural part of a WWE show and WWE would be wise to let them grow, flourish, be popular and then die off naturally. The more WWE tries to control this, the more fans are willing to try and fight it. WWE should consider letting these things develop. Not every chant catches on and not every wrestler is lucky enough to get one.


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