WWE Asks Network Users If They Want New Japan, ROH, Impact, & More On The Service

WWE recently sent out an email to Network subscribers asking them which promotions they would like included in their subscription.

Wrestling promotions around the world are currently working together more than ever for the betterment of the business. New Japan and Ring Of Honor, Impact Wrestling performers are popping up elsewhere, you really can't tell who is going to team up next. Even WWE is getting in on the action, much to the surprise of most fans.

WWE currently works with Evolve, Progress Wrestling, and ICW, hence its ability to launch its very own division of NXT in the United Kingdom. There is also a relationship being formed between WWE and Impact. Executives met at WWE HQ recently, however, the nature of that meeting is still being kept under wraps. A recent email would suggest that WWE is interested in even more collaborations going forward.


In the latest of a number of surveys emailed out to subscribers to the WWE Network, WWE has asked fans which promotions it would like to see under the WWE umbrella. You can check out the excerpt from the email below if you haven't already seen it. There are 14 promotions in total, and WWE has asked fans to rank them in order of how much they would like to see them included in a potential WWE Network premium tier.

While there has been talk of certain promotions doing business with WWE, seeing 14 of them listed in an email from the company came as quite a surprise. It was expected that Progress and ICW would eventually join the Network since they are already sort of under the WWE umbrella. However, if Lucha Underground and Ring Of Honor were to join in too, that would be an extremely big deal.

This is just an email as of right now, of course. It's also not the first email of this type sent out by WWE as hinted at previously. The promotion has been using surveys to gauge fan interest in rival promotions for quite a while now. It has also been teasing us with the potential addition of one or more premium tiers. It seems as if it is coming, but it is anyone's guess as to when.


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