Backstage Details On WWE Plans For Luke Harper Prior To Contract Expiring

According to a recent report, even though WWE won't let him leave, it appears they have no plans to use disgruntled Superstar Luke Harper.

Most of the WWE Universe — at least the contingent that follows the dirt sheets — know that Luke Harper reportedly asked Vince McMahon if he could be released from his contract in November. He went public with that request and while the hope was he might put some pressure on WWE to let him leave, it didn't work.  The reports are that Vince told Harper to take up his request with Triple H. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Triple H simply ignored him.

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It was later revealed WWE officials added 6 months to Harper's contract to make up for the time he lost due to an injury but WWE still has no plans to use the popular former tag team champion and member of the Wyatt Family.

The Observer notes that Harper has no future bookings with WWE and will be paid to sit at home. He will not be let out of his deal, he is not slated to work with Bray Wyatt (even though Wyatt is pushing for that) and the latest reports are that Harper is under contract with WWE now until at least WrestleMania 36 in 2020.

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What This Means

Harper was apparently informed, in writing, that WWE intends to hold onto his contract. There was no reason given but the consensus seems to be that WWE does not want him jumping to AEW and that they are trying to send a lesson to any future performers who think that blasting your request to be released on social media is the way to go.

It will probably work too. Knowing that the talents who have been the most vocal have seen the swiftest action, Superstars are likely going to keep their issues with WWE and their contracts on the hush.

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