WWE Offers Behind-The-Scenes Look At Writing Process

WWE is offering a behind-the-scenes look at the creative writing process in the company, showcasing what all goes into producing over seven hours of television content. One can't help but notice the timing of the video and how it coincides with the figurative beating WWE is taking from fans for poorly-written shows.

The ratings in WWE for both Raw and SmackDown Live have been dropping. A lack of good characters, big stars, strong writing and more have seen the WWE Universe tune out of both flagship shows with regularity. At the same time, writers and producers have been leaving the company like Brock Lesnar leaves when the paycheques aren't to his liking.

So, it's not really all that surprising to see WWE come out with the video showing what goes on behind the scenes with the creative writers on staff, how much fun they have and how rewarding it is to be part of the WWE writing team.

You can see the video below:

During the video, WWE shows the writers getting together and going over creative ideas. Many speak of where they come from, how they got into being a part of the team, what it feels like to have their ideas go from paper to tv and more. Some talk about not being married to ideas because they change last minute while others say they're writing scripts all the way up until just minutes before showtime.

One writer said the pressure is unlike anything else because whether the show is written or not, it starts right at 8 pm.

What This Means

This video explains a lot. In some ways, it will help fans understand the difficulties in writing seven hours of programming and shed some light on the process. In other ways, it will lead to questions as to why so many writers can't seem to get their heads together and write better material each week?

This video is likely timed to either recruit new writers or draw sympathy from fans. It's difficult to know whether or not it will do either.

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