Rumor: WWE To Ditch PG Era As They Look To Attract Wider Teen Audience

WWE is reportedly looking to move away from the PG Era and possibly usher in a new dose of the Attitude Era as they hope to attract more teenage viewers.

Let's just say that Kofi Kingston flipping the bird on SmackDown this week does lend to the theory that things are about to turn up under Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff. And we are loving it.

All Elite Wrestling's recent PPV Fyter Fest had plenty of attitude, middle finger exhibitions and hardcore displays. And wrestling fans are already starting to look to Tony Khan's new promotion as the industry's bad boy - although he claims their TV shows won't be as violent.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio's Dave Meltzer, WWE will be pushing more controversial content in the weeks to come as they aim to win the attention of teenage fans back.

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Kingston's middle finger going Samoa Joe's way on Tuesday and Corey Graves belting out a "Holy s**t" during Raw the previous night are said to be pointers in the direction WWE wants to go. Meltzer answered a simple "Yes" to a fan on Twitter after being asked whether Kofi's finger was an indicator of incoming profanity.

It's also been claimed that the company will focus on younger wrestlers in their effort to attract more teenage viewing, which means that more NXT stars could be called up to the main roster soon.

Of course, that will be a welcome development. But how impressed will today's teenagers be with some curse words and flipped birds?

On a personal note, I was completely sold on the things as a youngster in the 90s and early 2000s, which is why I had to sneak around or secretly record shows to stay out of trouble. However, I'm not sure the current generation of teenagers will be moved by vulgarity and edgy content.

WWE was keen on moving into the PG Era as it was said that it helped improve their relationship with television partners, advertisers and investors. But now they're described as being "afraid" to lose the teenage demographic.

If anything, though, us older folk will love us some attitude. If the kids don't want it, we'll take it.

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