WWE Planning To Hold A 100,000 Seat Event In 2018


Australia has never been a hot target for WWE and their events, but in recent times independent pro wrestling has been incredibly hot down under. With strong New Japan ticket sales, it seems that WWE is trying to follow up with a show of their own in Australia, but not just any show.

The MCG or Melbourne Cricket Ground is looking to now host more big time events going forward, and with a capacity of 100,000, WWE is looking to capitalize and host an event of their own in Melbourne. We don’t know whether it would be a traditional PPV, a special event, or maybe even a live event, but if they brought a big-time pay per view down under, it could potentially sell out the 100,000-seat venue.

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As for a Big-4 pay per view in Australia, that’s much more likely to happen in the UK first, due to the incredible boom that has been happening over there for the past few years (likely a SummerSlam event should be held there). But if the WWE went all in to sell out this arena, especially given the scarcity in which they visit, it could possibly happen.

Nothing has been officially announced, but there are reports that the WWE and the MCG are working hard to come to an agreement for a show. It’s hard to imagine who would be on the show and what the show is, but if they put all their efforts towards selling it out, the Aussie wrestling fans will come. An NXT Takeover event would also be a great thing to have in Australia, given the Aussie talent that they have on the NXT roster and just how much fans around the world love NXT. But if they truly want to sell out the MCG, they’ll need to focus a lot of effort towards the show.

So what do you guys think? Is it worth taking a huge show to Australia to potentially sell the arena out? Do you care at all? Let us know all your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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