WWE's Throwback Bobby Lashley Post Sparks More Rumors

If fans of the WWE Universe ever wanted to know just how much truth there is or was to a rumor, the best place to look is WWE's website. While they may not come right out and confirm a rumor, what often happens is that the company hints at details of the rumor by posting articles, photos or videos of the subject in question. In this case, that subject is Bobby Lashley and WWE just posted a throwback video that included him, even though he's not "a part of the WWE Universe".

Most fans know that Lashley has likely signed a deal with WWE to make his return. The video the company posted of Lashley wrestling Bob Holly in an old ECW match on their social media account almost all but confirms it.

There isn't really a reason for WWE to choose this video, out of all the videos they could have chosen from their thousands of hours of footage unless either Bob Holly or Bobby Lashley were set to make their return. Holly would come as a major shock considering no one has mentioned his name and WWE in the same sentence for years. Lashley, however, is expected any day now.


The rumors are that Lashley is being held off television based on the hope by WWE that Brock Lesnar will sign a new contract that starts after this year's WrestleMania and a program can begin between the two former MMA fighters.

Lashley is currently working part-time in MMA and Lesnar is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. On paper, this kind of a matchup makes perfect sense for WWE. The only issue is, WWE doesn't seem to know what the status is for Lesnar after WrestleMania comes and goes.

The other option some are suggesting is that if Lesnar doesn't re-sign, WWE considers Lashley their "Lesnar in waiting" and that he could replace Brock as the MMA fighter of WWE.

All we know is that when WWE posts these kinds of videos, it's often not a coincidence.

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