WWE Promotes 23-Yr Anniversary Of Memorable Moment In Wrestling History

On this day, 23 years ago, the NWO was formed when Hulk Hogan betrayed WCW at Bash at the Beach in 1996. WWE is asking, 'Where were you?'

The creation of the NWO is arguably the biggest single moment in wrestling history. Back in 1996, when Hogan turned on WCW and joined Scott Hall and Kevin Nash on a quest to take over WCW, it set the wheels in motion that led to an 83-week ratings run over WWE, Eric Bischoff cementing his legacy as one of the best minds in wrestling and a concern that WWE could be beaten at the sports entertainment and wrestling business. If not for the NWO, Bischoff probably isn't re-hired by WWE in 2019, AEW doesn't have the confidence to take on someone like WWE and some of the biggest names in wrestling don't become wrestlers.

WWE is promoting this special anniversary on their YouTube page, social media accounts and on WWE.com. Asking, 'Where were you on this day in history?' it brings back memories for many wrestling fans.

What This Means

There are still so many connections to today's wrestling product that the NWO had a hand in. Factions are a huge part of wrestling and the popularity of the black and white had something to do with that. Their biggest nemesis was Sting and he's still in the news with rumors he might try and wrestle one more match. Hogan is around and not long ago, the NWO reunited at WrestleMania to take on DX.

Where were you when the NWO formed? Is this the biggest moment in wrestling history? Or, can you think of others that were bigger and more important?

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