WWE Promotes Appearance Of Finn Balor's Demon Character On WrestleMania 35 Ad

WWE recently revealed in an ad that Finn Balor's Demon character may play a major role in WrestleMania 35 this year.

While Finn Balor recently lost the Intercontinental Title to Bobby Lashley on the latest episode of Raw, most viewers believed this loss wasn't as much about giving Lashley the belt back, but perhaps moving Balor into a more prominent match on WWE's biggest show of the year. If this ad is accurate, Balor will certainly be a part of the show.

The potentially obvious direction WWE may go here is turning Balor into his alter-ego demon character and having him wrestle Lashley in a rematch for the title. With Lio Rush now siding with Lashley again, Balor needs to somehow even the odds and the Demon King would do so. But, what if WWE is planning something else?

Could it be the company has a bigger match and a more high-profile opponent in store for Balor? Someone like The Undertaker or John Cena?

A Demon King vs Dead Man match might not be a classic in terms of wrestling skill — any match at this point for The Undertaker will not be a five-star outing — but behind the marketability of a match like this, the in-ring action matters much less. People would tune in simply for the entrances alone and WWE could keep it short and sweet.

Even better, if The Undertaker is moving on from WWE, perhaps the company can call in one final favor and ask The Dead Man to give the rub to the Demon in a match that would certainly vault Balor up the WWE ladder.

What This Means

Balor vs The Undertaker is likely a long shot. That said, the Demon King is a draw and there are plenty of opponents he could face. From Kurt Angle, to John Cena, Bray Wyatt or Lashley, the Demon ups the anti for WrestleMania 35 just a little bit. On a weaker card, that's not a bad thing at all.

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