WWE Promotes Bruce Prichard's Something to Wrestle Tour

IIf there was any question as to the future of Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, - at least as far as WWE was concenred - they may have just partially answered it.

When Prichard was re-hired by WWE, it left questions as to what that meant for the popular podcast Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. The show was co-hosted by Conrad Thompson, who after news broke Prichard was going back to WWE as a producer, went quiet on social media for days. Thompson would only confirm that the show will fulfill its already scheduled tour dates, but no new dates were promoted. So too, there were no updates by WWE as to whether or not the show would continue on WWE Network.

Since then, the show has come back on as a podcast and this Australia tour with Prichard promoted by the duo, but little promotion by WWE that they were interested in being part of the show moving forward, still working with Thompson, or promoting the tour. That is, until Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning, WWE announced, "The tour is heading down under when he arrives in Australia later this month!" What's interesting about the announcement and the article that accompanies it is that Thompson is nowhere to be found in the description of the show. The fact that he is not being promoted as part of the tour is not a shock (as it was always a solo tour for Prichard) but Thompson isn’t mentioned as part of the show’s description in any way and it's hard to tell if he'll be part of the shows or WWE promoting it in any capacity moving forward.

What This Means

Perhaps this is an oversight by WWE or perhaps they're simply choosing to only promote one-half of the duo (the one that's under contract and in Australia) but not including Thompson, who is as big a part of the show’s history or success suggests there may be more going on than people know.

If one follows the links to the Australia show dates, Thompson is not mentioned there either (again, maybe not that strange since he won’t be there) but it is interesting WWE is taking part in promoting the show now and not promoting both names. If there was a future for the podcast on WWE Network it seems odd not to at least mention Thompson’s contributions.

There were rumors WWE wasn’t too happy about Thompson booking the Undertaker for Starrcast. Hopefully this isn’t a little payback and just the company doing Prichard a solid.

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