WWE Publicly Celebrates Becky Lynch's Most Savage Twitter Burns

WWE is really getting behind Becky Lynch as they posted an article on Saturday on their official website celebrating her most savage tweets.

Lynch is arguably WWE's biggest star these days. Part of what makes her so popular isn't just her promos on SmackDown Live or her often five-star matches. She stays committed to her character on social media regularly, tossing out insults to anyone who dares get in her way. For example, Lynch has taken the art of trash talking on Twitter to an entirely new level. WWE seems to love it.

In a recent article on WWE.com. the company promoted Lynch's most savage tweets saying, "As the famous saying goes: Go against the king, and you best not miss. That couldn’t have been a better way to describe the energy surrounding “The Man” with the plan, Becky Lynch."

WWE then went on to showcase some of her best tweets including an insult to Corey Graves who suggested she needed a romance, taking aim at Seth Rollins tights or calling Alexa Bliss cosplay as a waterboy since she sits on the sidelines so often.

In fact, just the other day, after Vince McMahon wished her a happy birthday, Lynch suggested he buy her a nice pair of earrings to go with the brass ring she's carrying around. It was perfectly timed, well placed and typical Lynch as everything she touches these days seems to turn to gold.

Lynch is also rumored to be one-half of the headlining match at WrestleMania 35 against Ronda Rousey and if so, the two female stars will be the first women to ever main event a WrestleMania.

What This Means

Expect more articles, posts and references to Lynch to surface as WWE heads down the road to the biggest show they put on. If Lynch's match is going to be the main event, WWE needs to take every opportunity to turn her into the company's biggest star in years.

Also, expect Lynch to turn up the volume on her social media activity. If WWE is loving her tweets now, one can only imagine the green light she's been given to let loose on her fellow WWE Superstars.

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