WWE Raw: Brie Bella Accidentally Kicks Liv Morgan In The Face For Real

During their tag match on Monday Night Raw, Brie Bella accidentally kicked Liv Morgan square in the face and Morgan was seriously hurt.

It was a six-woman tag match on Monday that featured the Riott Squad versus The Bellas and Natalya. Not long into the match, Brie had Morgan in the ring and was about to deliver a series of "yes" kicks. As the series was coming to an end, Morgan leaned forward and Brie caught her square in the nose with a boot to the face. Having been dazed by the blow, Liv toppled forward again to get legitimately kicked one more time. It was an unfortunate accident that saw Liv seriously hurt.

You can see the series from a few different angles below:

Social media was quick to jump all over Brie Bella for the accident. While it appears at first glance that this was Morgan leaning forward at an inopportune time and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Brie has never been known as the most technically sound performer in WWE. Even if this wasn't her fault, she's sure to take some serious heat for it.

Immediately following the kicks, it was easy to see Morgan was not alright. She went limp in the ring, could barely kick out and when she tried to get up to make a tag, couldn't stand. You could hear one of Sarah Logan or Ruby Riott say on the apron "she's out." Logan grabbed her mouth realizing something wasn't right and tried to get Morgan out of the ring and out of harm's way.

There was a real concern in the ring for Morgan's well-being. She did try to make a return to the match but had trouble performing the spots as they unfolded, eventually leaving the ring again, not to return. As the Riott Squad pulled out the victory, you could see Morgan on the outside of the ring being attended to.

There is no update from WWE on her condition and hopefully, she's ok, but it didn't look good and it's likely she'll be sitting out the next little while with concussion symptoms at the very least.


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