WWE Raw: Dolph Ziggler Wins Seth Rollins' Intercontinental Title

Dolph Ziggler is your new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

The 37-year-old accepted Seth Rollins' open invitation on Monday Night Raw, following his impressive, yet painstaking, defense against Elias at Money in the Bank in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday night.

Perhaps overtaken by hubris, the Architect of Destruction issued an open challenge to the guys on the Raw roster. Ziggler wasted no time coming out with his partner in crime, Drew McIntyre, to let Seth know that he was ready to fight him for the Intercontinental Championship.

The fight began with Ziggler kicking Rollins in the gut, and they both tried to end things quickly with their finishers, which were both countered. The fight went on for much longer than they apparently planned and it was quite a good one, with The Showoff trading blows with the champion before raking him in the eyes.

Rollins eventually nailed a suicide dive as he built momentum, but Ziggler found a way to keep himself in the fight over and over again. Even after being administered a superkick, he was able to pin The Kingslayer after hitting a fantastic Fameasser.

Ziggler later escaped a frog splash by rolling out of the way, but Rollins regained the advantage after a trade on the top turnbuckle and would later catch The Showoff's crossbody to execute a buckle bomb.

Seth looked to have it all under control and was seemingly on his way to successfully defend his championship. But that's when McIntyre popped up on the ropes to distract him. The attempt worked and Ziggler crept up for the pin, Rollins then countered and got in a pin of his own, yet Ziggler hit him with a counter and got two handfuls of the Intercontinental Champion's tights to keep the champion down for the three-count.

A very shocked Rollins wouldn't be allowed to wonder what happened for very long, though. Ziggler and McIntyre kept things very painful with the delivery of a zig zag and an ensuing claymore kick.

Rollins, though, only has himself to blame— his "fighting champion" philosophy finally catching up to him.


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