Backstage News On WWE's Reaction To Declining Ratings

WWE ratings have dropped significantly throughout the first four months of 2019, and the company doesn't seem to be handling it too well.

According to Wrestle Votes, WWE is currently in "panic mode," and Roman Reigns is set to return to Monday Night Raw despite being moved to the SmackDown Live brand just a few weeks ago.

Ratings continue to dwindle for both the Raw and SmackDown brands. Per Alfred Konuwa of Forbes, the two shows last week "were down 30% and 25% from 2018, respectively."

Given how much ratings have dropped in such short time, it's safe to believe that it's due to general fan dissatisfaction and disappointment with the current product. At the end of 2018, the McMahon family addressed the WWE Universe and vowed that there would be plenty of changes. They essentially promised that the fans would start getting what they wanted, but that simply hasn't happened here in 2019.

Things have been off to a miserable start for WWE in 2019. A handful of influential writers and prominent figures backstage resigned or were fired. On top of that, superstars such as The Revival and Mike and Maria Kanellis reportedly requested to be released.

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Dean Ambrose has now left the company after deciding against signing a new deal. Luke Harper has been trying to get out of his contract, while Sasha Bank hasn't appeared since WrestleMania 35 - having grown frustrated about losing the Women's Tag Team Championships to The IIconics.

Vince McMahon also blamed quarter losses on the absence of key superstars, and perhaps this factored into why TV ratings have plummeted in 2019. Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Matt and Jeff Hardy are among the notable superstars who have missed time this year. But with most of the roster healthy now, WWE can only hope for a massive turnaround in rating soon.

What This Means

WWE simply has to change up their product if they want to fix the ratings. Giving main event pushes to fan favorites like Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura could be a start. WWE simply hasn't given the fans what they've wanted, and it's time to change that in the immediate future.

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