WWE Releases Two NXT Female Superstars

WWE has released a pair of NXT stars in Abbey Laith and Sage Beckett.

Usually, when WWE release superstars, it’s either in big batches, around the time that we all expect it to happen, or it’s due to major problems, but here is some news you probably didn’t expect to hear today; NXT has come to terms on the release of two very talented, promising female performers. It may not have been anyone that’s been featured prominently on television, but Abbey Laith and Sage Beckett are both fantastic performers, and were reportedly very well liked at the Performance Center, so this seemingly comes out of nowhere.

Laith, formerly known on the independent scene as Kimber Lee started working with NXT as enhancement talent in early 2017. She was brought in for the Mae Young Classic, and with a bit of fanfare behind her, we all expected to see her debut and do quite well soon. According to ProWrestlingSheet, It’s expected that she’ll resume performing on the independent scene, and there’s been no word that this is a bad break, so assuming she does well again, we will likely be seeing her again one day in NXT.


Via Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The other is Sage Beckett. News of her release came from SquaredCircleSirens. While she didn’t make quite as big a name for herself on the independent scene, she was well known and had good showings every time NXT asked something of her. She was released just a short time after Laith. Reports are that Beckett was training to become a commentator for the WWE, and it looks like that wasn’t going well, and she took to Twitter to post an inspirational message, which could somewhat be seen as a retirement announcement in a way. Either way, we wish both of these women the best in their future.

So what do you guys think? Does this one come as a shocker to you? Do you know much about either of these women? Who do you think WWE should release next, if anyone? Let us know your thoughts!


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