WWE Removes Women In WrestleMania Ad During Crown Jewel

The WWE was careful not to offend their Saudi hosts on Friday and just about pulled off a successful Crown Jewel at the King Saud Stadium in Riyadh.

The show, which has made Vince McMahon several million richer, did not feature any female participants, although Renee Young commentated throughout.

Due to restrictions regarding women in the Middle Eastern nation, the WWE was unable to have women perform. And, as pointed out by wrestling journalist David Bixenspan, they also took females out of the WrestleMania advert that was part of the video travel package.

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The ad had previously aired on Raw and SmackDown Live with women on show. However, as Bixenspan noted, there was a bit of a difference between the commercial shown on the aforementioned shows and Crown Jewel.

"Hmm, there’s a difference between the WrestleMania promo that aired on Raw/SmackDown and the one from #WWECrownJewel, which is inset…something’s missing, some kind of de-evolution. Can’t put my finger on it, though," he tweeted.

However, it should also be noted that females were shown during the preview for Survivor Series, with the promo for Ronda Rousey's match against Becky Lynch being treated to a positive reception from the crowd.

The company also delivered the very first women's match to the Middle East when Alexa Bliss fought Sasha Banks in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates last year. It was reported that the sitting audience was so impressed, they chanted: "This is hope."

Given that the WWE still has a lengthy contract with Saudi Arabia, things could possibly lighten up in the coming years.

Rousey, for one, is of the view that the people over there will demand to see the women soon.

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"I think that’s the time for us to be able to find what we have in common and be able to understand each other more," she said in the lead-up to the event.

"Women can’t compete in Saudi Arabia right now, but I think if the Crown Jewel is a huge success, and WWE really takes off in Saudi Arabia, they’re going to be demanding to see the women soon."


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