WWE Unsure What To Do With Renee Young Following Dean Ambrose's Departure

Jon Moxley - better known as Dean Ambrose during his time in WWE - debuted for the AEW promotion last Sunday, and Vince McMahon isn't the least bit happy about it.

Moxley recently opened up about his departure from the WWE on the Talk Is Jericho podcast. In the interview, the former WWE Champion admitted that his relationship with the WWE chairman wasn't exactly a strong one.

And as it turns out, Moxley's decision to leave WWE and head to AEW could affect what the company does with his wife, Monday Night Raw commentator Renee Young.

According to Brad Shepard of the Oh, You Didn't Know podcast (h/t Ringside News) WWE is "looking at what to do with" Young, adding that the company is quite unhappy about what has transpired. Shepard also added that Moxley told WWE he was leaving so he could "make a movie," while staying silent on his plans to join the rival AEW promotion.

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It's hard to envision WWE simply punishing or even firing Young in any way, simply because her husband decided to leave when his contract expired. She's been an excellent part of the Raw broadcasting team, and if they parted ways with Young, there's a decent chance she would look to join her husband in AEW. That would be a horrible business move by the WWE.

The company refused to grant Luke Harper's request to get released, while Sasha Banks remains on hiatus over frustrations about the direction of his character. It's clear that WWE is worried about losing some of its top talents to AEW, so it wouldn't make any sense for them to let Young go because of a pure business decision made by her husband.

What This Means

When Vince McMahon isn't happy about anything, people get punished for it. We can only hope he learns to respect Moxley's decision and keep Young out of it. But seeing how many writers Vince has already fired in 2019, we shouldn't be surprised if he blames the wrong person once again here.

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