WWE Reveals Aleister Black's Opponent For Extreme Rules

As was discovered on SmackDown Live when Cesaro sat down to reveal himself as the mystery knocker, Cesaro vs Black is official for Extreme Rules.

For weeks, Aleister Black has been begging for someone to pick a fight with him. Daring anyone to knock on his door, someone finally did last week on SmackDown Live, only no one knew who it was. On Tuesday's edition of the show, it was revealed that someone was Cesaro.

The Swiss Superman sat down in the chair during Black's backstage interview and said, "Aleister Black. I'm the one who knocked at your door because I'm here to pick a fight, with you." Black seemingly seething responded, "Oh, so very good. Because this Sunday, Mr. Cesaro, I am going to fight you."

Black then got up from his chair and left and the match was now officially set for his Sunday.

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What This Means

This wasn't a huge shocking development if you followed @Wrestlevotes, on Twitter as they had Cesaro pegged as the man for some time. The popular rumors account did release a post the other day saying things might have changed after Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff were appointed their new positions as Executive Directors but it turns out things didn't change after all.

This could be an instant classic of a match. Both men are in the upper tier of in-ring performers for WWE and almost anyone can have a good match with Cesaro. That said, Black will probably get the nod here considering WWE has invested a lot of time in building up his new character.

The 2019 WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view will take place this Sunday, July 14 from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA.

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