WWE Reveals New-Styled Cage At Hell In A Cell 2018

WWE started the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view with a cell match between Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy. In one of the most brutal modern-day matches WWE has seen in some time, what caught a ton of the attention was the new look of the cell.

Yes, the cell was different. It was extremely different.

For most fans that didn't know WWE was going to go with a red cell, the look was somewhat jarring. Many on social media asked why the change, especially considering many in the WWE Universe thought it looked cheap, wreaked of WWE ripping off TNA's cage and introducing jokes that the Women's Cell would be pink when it came time for them to have their next match inside it.

Not only was the cell bright red, it had a unique look and sound to it — almost like it wasn't made out of the traditional "cell" material. The first time Jeff Hardy bumped into the cage, something was different. There was no metal-ish sound that came from typically throwing a body off of steel. It was more like the sound of a plastic fencing one might buy from Home Depot. With that said, it was ironic such a less dangerous-looking structure housed an extremely gory and brutal match.

The apparent reason for the change wasn't anything special. A little digging found that Vince McMahon decided that after 20 years of having the match, it needed a facelift. WWE checked to ensure fans could still see well and once they knew they could, simply painted it red to give it a new look.

What did you think? Was the new look cell a good idea? Or, was it as plastic looking and sounding as many in the WWE Universe seem to think it was? It certainly didn't have any effect on the brutality of the match as Hardy and Orton opened the show in a contest that will be talked about for some time.


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