Biggest WWE Rumors This Week - November 10, 2018

There are plenty of rumors in the WWE this week including Kurt Angle playing a large role in his squash match with Drew McIntyre, Triple H vs. Batista being held off, Jericho staying away from WWE, a monster getting a reprimanding and women main-eventing WrestleMania.

There's always plenty to discuss and this week is no different. Think you know what's going on in the world of sports entertainment? Here are your biggest WWE rumors for the week ending November 10, 2018.

Angle Helped Book His Match

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There was some shock on Monday when it came to how the match between Kurt Angle and Drew McIntyre was booked. Angle was squashed in a match that saw McIntyre cement himself as one of the big and future stars of WWE while Angle got in nearly no offense and lost to his own series of finishing moves.

Sports Illustrated notes match itself was put together by Angle and Vince McMahon and that Angle had a lot of say as to how this went. This wasn't just a former legend being buried by the company and it suggests there is more in store for Angle and a potential storyline to come out of that match.

WrestleVotes says a big Drew McIntyre push is starting now and WWE has “major plans for him in 2019”.

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Triple H WrestleMania Match Off

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Prior to tearing his pectoral muscle at Crown Jewel, it is being noted by the Observer that there was a match being planned between Triple H and Batista for WrestleMania 35. That match is now off.

Considering the time it will take for Triple H to recoup and what that would look like if he was to return at half the strength, the match would be seen as a waste of a huge promotional goldmine. There has not been any indication as to whether or not the match will be pushed to a later date.

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Braun Strowman Being Punished?

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As per a report by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, it appears some of Braun Strowman's behavior backstage might explain why he's yet to be given a huge role as a champion in the company, more specifically, why he wasn't crowned champion at Crown Jewel.

Apparently, Strowman has been arriving late to shows and leaving early and it hasn't sat well with management. There is a sense that perhaps he feels he's entitled to different treatment because he's a budding star but he's already been warned and his removal from the title scene is a potential not-so-subtle way of saying, 'snap out of it'.

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Jericho Done With WWE

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With the recent success of his Rock N' Wrestling cruise show, speculation is that Chris Jericho won’t be making his way back to WWE anytime soon. This after WWE was asked to be involved in his cruise but declined and furthermore, didn’t permit Jericho to use their NXT talent for his show. Jericho then went ahead with the event using stars from Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling and the event was a big success for all parties involved.

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, Jericho May elect not to return to WWE at all so that he has the freedom to continue projects like his cruise and other independent appearances and he likes the idea of being a free agent with no commitment to Vince McMahon. The latest report is that the Jericho Cruise is supposed to be an annual thing.

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Women Main Eventing WrestleMania 35?

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With Roman Reigns out of the WrestleMania picture, uncertainty about Brock Lesnar, and no match between Batista and Triple H, there’s more talk than ever that women could main event WrestleMania 35, and that Ronda Rousey could headline the pay-per-view.

That would be a first for WWE and the females in the company and monumental considering it's WrestleMania 35. If WWE chooses to go this route, expect that match to be promoted heavily and almost immediately to give to a much bigger buildup and marquee feel.


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