Biggest Rumors In WWE This Week - Undertaker Training For A Return?

As we near the end of the week, it’s that time again to go back and take a look at the biggest rumors surrounding the WWE and its talent roster. What's happening when it comes to some unexpected injuries? Which WWE Superstar might be making a return to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal? Is a sure-fire Hall of Famer training for a return? Are two feuding announcers actually feuding? Or, are they taking the WWE Universe for a ride?

There is always a ton to speculate and with the company being only two weeks removed from the Royal Rumble and gearing up toward WrestleMania, speculation is at an all-time high. Want to know what else people are talking about in WWE? Here are your five biggest rumors in the WWE this week.

Finn Balor To Team With Seth Rollins

Jason Jordan is out indefinitely with an injury. That has thrown a wrench into plans that had Rollins and Jordan breaking up their team and fighting with each other at WrestleMania. It looks like WWE has found a replacement.

New advertisements have Seth Rollins teaming with Finn Balor at house shows and live events. Whether the same storyline is in play and Rollins and Balor will eventually face off is uncertain but it could mean bad news for The Club which was just starting to gain some momentum.


Booker T and Corey Graves Friction A Work

According to Sports Illustrated, the entire Corey Graves/Booker T situation is a work designed to get heel heat on Graves and publicity for Booker’s podcast. Yet, according to other sources like Dave Meltzer, there is legit heat between the two.

Booker T has reached out and publicly invited Graves to be a guest on his podcast and Graves has responded "Gladly, you have my number." If it is a real feud, the good news seems to be they are willing to work together to discuss their issues. If it was a publicity stunt, it's clearly worked.


Goldberg To Return At WrestleMania 34

There are rumors that Goldberg won't just be a part of the Hall of Fame proceedings. He might make an in-ring return at The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal which may play a bigger role than normal in WrestleMania this year. PW Insider says WWE is looking to capitalize on and help promote the HBO documentary Bill Simmons helped produce on Andre.

The feeling is that Goldberg winning the match would draw huge attention to the match and provide another WrestleMania moment.

Undertaker Training For Return

The Undertaker's wife Michelle McCool gave fans a little taste of the potential to see The Undertaker make a return to the ring in the WWE. The rumor is, he's training for a match against John Cena and if it's a go, it should be announced sometime after the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

There are still some that don't believe the match will actually come to fruition but if he's training at the level he appears to be, it's a good sign something is in the works.

Lashley Versus Lensar?

Via inquisitr.com

Per the Observer, there’s talk of a Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley feud after Lashley debuts. The trick is, Lesnar needs to decide what he's going to do about his contract which expires after WrestleMania.

Lashley was free to debut right after the Royal Rumble but has yet to make an appearance for WWE. It appears the company might be waiting for the right situation to bring him in for a return. If they intend to pit him against Lesnar, WWE must have big plans for him.

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