WWE Set To Move Office Headquarters In Stamford Connecticut

WWE announced today that they'll be picking up their global headquarters and moving. The iconic Stamford office will be sold and a new era ushered in.

WWE's company headquarters in Stamford, CT has been part of the fabric of wrestling for fans. While the building has not necessarily been shown much on WWE television, everyone who knows WWE has heard of the Stamford office. For fans who are saddened to hear WWE will be leaving those offices, the good news is they won't be headed far. The company will sell the old building and move to a new location in the same city.

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WWE.com released a statement on Wednesday regarding the move and cited how important a world-class building is for world-class talent to collaborate. "Our workplace initiative will be the foundation to meet these objectives and underpins our ability to deliver long-term value," said WWE Co-President George Barrios in the official announcement.

The idea is to have a bigger and better workspace suited to the company's growing and evolving workforce. The new location allows for greater access from various means of transportation, better means of producing video content and greater flexibility in workplace design.

The new building will be leased by WWE for an initial term of 16.5 years, beginning no earlier than July 1 of this year but the offices will not move until early 2021.

WWE's release statement went on to talk in more detail about how the move would affect the bottom line in terms of expenses and financial commitments over the short and long-term.

What This Means

This is a sad but also exciting day for wrestling fans and WWE. That the Stamford building that has housed the WWE offices for so long will be no more in the next couple years removes a bit of the history of the company, but that WWE will be able to do more and provide more options, in the long run, will certainly be a benefit to fans.

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