WWE SmackDown Live Underwent Major Re-Write Before Airing

Despite hiring Eric Bischoff to work specifically with the SmackDown Live creative team, Vince McMahon is apparently still completely rewriting shows just before they air.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, SmackDown Live this week was not at all what was written on paper just hours before the show went live to air on Tuesday. Meltzer writes that Vince reportedly showed up at around 4 pm ET, didn't like the show and re-wrote it.

Among the changes that were made was that the big Daniel Bryan "career-altering announcement" was delayed again, Shawn Michaels was supposed to be on commentary but instead did a MizTV segment and more.

Certain things were not changed. Corey Graves was not scheduled to be on commentary because he was filming a WWE Studios movie in Vancouver and Byron Saxton was not there because his father passed away.

There are also reports that Bischoff was finally part of a production meeting but he didn't provide any input on the creative, only spoke with a number of the members of the creative writing team.

What This Means

The more things change, sometimes, the more they stay the same. Perhaps Vince won't pull a complete re-write when Bischoff is behind the creative but for now, this is still very much Vince's show and if he doesn't like something, he'll have no reservations about changing things or overhauling the show completely.

This week's show wasn't terrible but there were moments that felt very thrown together. This last-minute re-write might have been the reason for that feeling.

Ironically, Sami Zayn took to social media this week and said the Raw Reunion show sucked. We all know the rumors Vince is using Zayn as a voicebox. Maybe this was Vince's way of saying how little he liked SmackDown Live.

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