WWE Stock Reaches All-Time High

It's a good time if you own WWE stock. With a new TV in the works, WWE stock reached an all-time high.

If you're an investor in WWE stock, this is a good time to be holding as many shares as possible. WWE stock prices reached an all-time high when it was announced that a pending television rights deal between NBCUniversal for Raw and potentially Fox for SmackDown Live was on the horizon, with the NBCUniversal deal being at least three times as much as it is now.

In the wake of the news, stock prices for WWE climbed a whopping 17-percent with shares valued at $51 each and a total valuation on the professional wrestling company sitting at approximately $3.9 billion overall according to Variety. Those hikes help boost Vince McMahon's personal value way up as well, tying him with former wrestling competitor Ted Turner at $2.3 billion.


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The values are from the potential bidding war that might come from WWE moving it's Tuesday night program, SmackDown Live, to another network and opening things up for a bidding war with the show going to the network that ponies up the most money. With NBCUniversal's deal for Raw being higher than its ever been and with SmackDown seeing a new boost, there is also talk that WWE might bring a third show to Fox to air on its sister network FS1.

WWE stock prices shot up after the news and while the company was trading at $19.66 per share this time last year, it is now over $51 per share. An increased number of subscribers to WWE Network and international deals with countries like Saudi Arabia have also played a role in the strength of WWE stock.

What will happen with the stock when the television deals are officially announced will depend largely on the value of those contracts. If the NBCUniversal deal is more than three times its current rate and if SmackDown Live's deal is more than expected, numbers will increase even more.


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WWE Stock Reaches All-Time High