WWE Hopes That Stomping Grounds Will Serve As A "Clean Slate" [Rumor]

The WWE Stomping Grounds pay-per-view is a day away, but things have been quite tense and frustrating behind the scenes in more ways than one.

Sunday's event takes place at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington. Ticket sales have been extremely low, however, to the point where WWE is offering $20 tickets in a two-for-one promotion.

If that wasn't bad enough, a source told WWE insider Brad Shepard about the disastrous planning and lack of preparation for Stomping Grounds, with some of the company's employees getting yelled at.

But there's not a whole lot else WWE can do right now. The build up is done, and they can't do much to fix the ticket sale problems. They just have to use Stomping Grounds as a proper starting point for future feuds and WWE storylines. And that appears to be what they're focused on.

According to Shepard, WWE producers and agents are simply hoping that Stomping Grounds will "provide a clean slate."

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On Saturday, Shepard also heard from a source that the locker room is in "utter chaos" with many superstars unhappy where they are - even some of the current championship holders. As such, Sunday seems like a great time for WWE to start all over and try to rebuild its product and storylines throughout the summer.

Other problems in WWE include the major drop in television ratings throughout the last couple of months, which doesn't bode well with Fox set to take over the SmackDown Live broadcasts this Fall. It's also been suggested that many WWE talents have their eyes set on AEW, which only puts Vince McMahon and company in another bind.

What This Means

WWE's overall product has been quite stale lately, with a lack of intriguing storylines and bouts. But it's never too late to start making major changes, and as SummerSlam draws closer, now's a good time for WWE to shake up the product a bit. After Sunday, it's reasonable to believe that WWE will learn from its mistakes and try out some new storylines.

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