Backstage News On WWE's Lack Of Preparation For Stomping Grounds

The WWE Stomping Grounds pay-per-view in Tacoma, Washington is only two days away, but the event is already lining up to be a quite a disaster for the company.

Ticket sales have been extremely low up to this point, and it's forced the company to offer cheap two-for-one ticket promotions. And as one might predict, things have been a mess backstage in terms of planning and preparation.

A source told Brad Shepard (h/t Ringside News) "that there has been a total lack of planning behind the scenes." The source added that some employees have been shouted at, and even asked Shepard if he "knew how bad you would have to (expletive) up for" ticket sales to be extremely low.

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That same source, according to Shepard, believes "a lack of proper build" is a reason why ticket sales are bad right now. And finally, Shepard heard that Stomping Grounds has the worst ticket sales for a "special event" since the Starrcade show back in November.

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The Tacoma Dome sits over 23,000, but there are still tons of seats available online. Dave Meltzer reported that parts of the Dome will be blocked off. Indeed, it's shaping up to be quite a mess in WWE, and there isn't a whole lot they can do now as the show draws closer.

That said, the card for the event is absolutely stacked. Almost all of the main stars are set to compete, and most of the championships are on the line - including the Universal, SmackDown, Raw Women's and SmackDown Women's Championships. Maybe ticket sales aren't going so well, but if this event is executed properly, it just might help WWE bring their ratings back up after another rough week.

What This Means

WWE will have to learn from this and try to do a better job in building up future pay-per-views. They waited too long to get going for Stomping Grounds, and a handful of the matches were thrown in late - giving them little time for proper build up. We'll just have to wait and see how this event plays out, and what WWE will do in the future to ensure they don't have problems like this again.

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