WWE Super Show-Down 2018 Recap, Reactions, & Biggest Moments

It's probably safe to assume that not everyone managed to catch Super Show-Down live, especially if you live on the west coast of the US. Now you might be wondering whether the show is worth four hours of your time. Personally, we think that it is. Don't believe us? Well, check out all of the biggest and best moments from the show below before you check it out.

Even though New Day successfully defended their titles versus The Bar to open Super Show-Down, but the first big match of the night came right after that. Becky Lynch versus Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women's Title. Both have said while out of character that because behind the scenes they are so close, it means they hit harder in the ring. Well, that showed on Saturday. Both women gave it their all between the ropes. So much so that The Lass Kicker tried to duck out early and take her title with her. Flair wasn't going to let things end like that and dragged her nemesis back in the ring. Unfortunately for the seven-time champion, the Irish Superstar brought the title with her. When she couldn't reach the ropes to break the Figure 8, Lynch grabbed the title instead and smacked The Queen across the stomach. A disappointing DQ finish and Lynch is still champion.


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What were we saying about Lynch and Flair being more intense than Joe and Styles? The WWE Champion and his challenger must have heard what we were saying. In the pair's no disqualification match at Super Show-Down, the two men truly gave it everything they had. The match started outside of the ring, and the champ was bleeding from the mouth before any trace of a weapon was introduced. Once a steel chair and a table entered the mix, things really kicked up a notch. It was the table that begun Joe's undoing. Going through it injured his knee, and from there The Phenomenal One's game plan changed. Styles didn't let up on that left leg and once he finally managed to lock in the calf crusher, The Destroyer had no choice but to tap.


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There were rumors that no angles would be furthered and no titles would change hands at Super Show-Down, akin to Greatest Royal Rumble earlier this year. That turned out to not be the case. The longer WWE held off on giving us the night's Cruiserweight Title match, the more likely it seemed that hometown star Buddy Murphy would take the championship from Cedric Alexander. The sole 205 Live match on the card ended up being the sixth out of ten, and there was indeed a title change. In front of more than 70,000 of his own people, Murphy became Cruiserweight Champion with an extremely athletic performance. What a feeling that must have been for him.

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Despite having more than three hours to fill every single week, Raw has pretty much revolved around the same six Superstars for the last couple of months. The Shield and its battle with Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre. They all did battle in six-man tag action at Super Show-Down, and Dean Ambrose's loyalty was tested yet again. Midway through the match, Roman Reigns accidentally clocked The Lunatic with a Superman Punch. A little later on, Reigns rescued Ambrose from being run over by Strowman, spearing The Monster through the barricade. Moments later, Seth Rollins saved Ambrose again, super kicking McIntyre right out the ring. Ambrose then hit Ziggler with the Dirty Deeds to pick up the win. Never fear folks, The Shield is stronger than ever.

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As laid out above, Styles and Joe went through hell over the WWE Title at Super Show-Down. Later in the evening, Daniel Bryan and The Miz did battle to decide who The Phenomenal One's next challenger will be. That was a much less brutal affair. After the two embarrassing losses Bryan has suffered to The A-Lister in the past two months, the former World Champion needed a resounding win. Well, he certainly got that. If you blinked you would have missed the ending of this one. Miz attempted to deliver a Skull Crushing Finale to his opponent early on, only to be rolled up for a three count. Even the announcers seemed in a state of shock. Bryan will get his title shot at WWE Crown Jewel.

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The main event was the match that Super Show-Down was basically built around. The Undertaker versus Triple H for the last time ever, six and a half years after their last battle. The COO of WWE had one last surprise for The Deadman once both of them were in the ring, that the match would be no disqualification. That resulted in the two of them battling through the crowd, using a litany of weapons, and, of course, Kane and Shawn Michaels getting involved quite a bit. The Big Red Machine went through a table, Undertaker basically assaulted The Game with a steel chair, but no weapons were needed for the finish. HBK delivered a Sweet Chin Music to The Phenom and he stumbled directly into a Pedigree. Despite the four of them celebrating together after the fact, the Brothers Of Destruction were not happy. They demonstrated that by turning on Triple H and HBK, and The Deadman punctuated the attack by chokelslamming Michaels through the announce desk.

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