WWE Superstar Has Unaired Massive Meltdown At Raw [Video]

It was expected Sami Zayn would be upset losing to Cedric Alexander in Round 1 of the King of the Ring tournament. What he did after the loss was unexpected.

Zayn hasn't seen a ton of positive results since returning from injury after WrestleMania. The announce team has talked about it often. But, when Zayn lost his first-round matchup to Cedric Alexander and then proceed to have a total meltdown after the cameras weren't live to air, one that to think Zayn has finally snapped.

Getting into arguments with fans, bashing the ringside area with a chair and ripping up signs while berating the audience with foul language was not exactly Zayn's finest moment. That said, it could be a spark that sets his character on another path in WWE and maybe Paul Heyman and the booking crew for Raw have a gameplan.

You can see in the WWE.com exclusive video below, just how much Zayn loses his cool:

What's perhaps most surprising about this is the edginess of the manner in which the idea is being presented. Zayn really lays into the crowd, often having the language he's using cut out by the WWE editing staff. It's certainly not a PG product and perhaps shows an example of the type of grittier programming and pushing-of-the-envelope Vince McMahon was talking about in a recent shareholder's quarterly financials call.

What This Means

Will Zayn get some kind of massive push out of this? Probably not. But, it does hint at the writing staff trying to find a way to make him more than just an enhancement talent.

Things haven't gone well for Zayn since he uttered the words "AEW" during a terrible Electric Chair segment. Perhaps not his fault, but he needs something to turns his fortunes around. Maybe a meltdown will do it.

That said, maybe this is nothing and he's just out of the King of the Ring tournament with not much to show for his efforts.

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