WWE Superstar Not Pleased He Was Left Off SummerSlam PPV

WWE Superstar Braun Strowman said he wasn’t pleased to be left off SummerSlam card. He gets it, he just doesn’t like it.

An argument can be made that this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view was an odd one in many respects. A show that felt somewhat thrown together, two of the company’s biggest stars were not featured on the show. Neither Roman Reigns nor Braun Strowman had matches on the card and in Strowman’s case, The Monster Among Men wasn’t terribly pleased.

Speaking with Sportskeeda.com about this past weekend's SummerSlam event, Strowman called being left off of the pay-per-view a “tough pill to swallow.” Braun admitted that he understands why he wasn’t put on the show since he didn’t have an active storyline and said, "... they didn't just want to shoehorn me in [or] just to have me on there for no reason.”

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Strowman seems to understand the reasoning behind certain decisions even if he wants to be actively involved in the biggest shows of the year. “They're doing a good job of making sure that any time Braun's on TV, it's something impactful,” Strowman explained. He’s right. There’s really no sense in putting someone on the card that has no good reason to be there other than to simply make an appearance.

Strowman’s future already looks like it’s changed. He’s being featured in a storyline with AJ Styles and just recently accepted a match for the United States Championship. He’ll have to figure out how to overcome three members of the O.C. to try and win his first singles championship in WWE.

What This Means

Strowman should be featured by WWE. He’s one of, if not the, biggest stars in the company. That said, his not being on SummerSlam made a lot more sense than Reigns not being there considering Roman and Buddy Murphy had a ready-to-go feud that could have easily been a match on the card. The two battled on the following SmackDown Live broadcast in a fantastic match.

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