WWE Superstars "Are Counting The Days" Until Their Contracts Expire [Rumor]

It's no secret that there are a handful of disgruntled WWE superstars that have been looking to leave the company for a while now.

It all started back in January, when The Revival plus Mike and Maria Kanellis reportedly requested to be released. Two weeks later, it was revealed that Dean Ambrose was leaving following the expiration of his contract after WrestleMania 35. Ambrose left WWE and went to AEW, where he now performs as Jon Moxley.

Mike hinted that he and Maria are now done in the WWE as well. The latter revealed on Twitter three weeks ago that their contracts were "up in three weeks." She followed it up and said it was their gym memberships, but that may have just been a playful joke.

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So Ambrose and the Kanellis couple are gone. It remains to be seen which superstars will follow suit. And according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Ringside News), some WWE superstars "are counting the days" until their contracts run up. On top of that, Meltzer added how AEW "has changed everything."

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Two months ago, Luke Harper took to Twitter and revealed that he asked WWE to release him, but they refused to grant it. Other than Harper, Sasha Banks (on hiatus since WrestleMania 35) and The Revival, it's not known which other superstars are disgruntled in WWE. They're probably playing it smart by staying silent on the matter, not allowing WWE to pull off any tricks to keep them around.

AEW has emerged as a serious threat to WWE, landing Moxley, Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega, among other major talents. You can bet they'll be going hard after any other WWE superstars who decide to leave once their deals run up.

What This Means

This is obviously not good news for WWE, as the McMahons stand to lose some of their top talents to the rival AEW promotion down the road. It's the Monday Night Wars with WCW all over again, except with a different promotion here. It's up to WWE officials to figure out which superstars are unhappy right now, and what they can do to keep them long-term.

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