Backstage News On How WWE Superstars Are Getting Out Of Their Contracts

For many WWE superstars, simply asking to be released doesn't always mean their wishes will be granted by officials.

We're aware now that Sasha Banks is pondering her future in WWE and could end up asking to be released. Luke Harper took to Twitter earlier this week and revealed that he asked WWE to grant him a release. Whether or not this ends up being successful remains to be seen.

Back in January, it was reported that Mike and Maria Kanellis and The Revival had asked to be released from WWE. The company refused to grant their requests, however, and all four talents are still with WWE - and there doesn't appear to be an out for them right now.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Ringside News), WWE superstars may have discovered a new strategy in order to earn a release from their contracts that they so desire.

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Simply going up to WWE officials and asking for a release hasn't worked, as were the cases with the Kanellis couple and The Revival. But the Observer outlined that if a wrestler publicly asks to be let go, there's a better chance they'll receive it, otherwise it makes WWE look very bad.

For superstars who want to be let go, well, it's a tricky situation at this time. The rival AEW promotion might be getting ready to target a handful of disgruntled WWE talents, once they are granted their releases. Obviously, WWE doesn't want to see their superstars jump ship or a new rival promotion - so it puts company officials in a bind when trying to determine the futures of its disgruntled stars.

What This Means

While The Revival received pushes with the Raw Tag Team Championships, other unhappy superstars aren't receiving the big pushes they so deserve. Banks and Bayley lost the Women's Tag Team titles, and Harper has been stuck in the mid-card throughout his whole career. If WWE doesn't want to grant the superstars their requested releases, creative has to find a way to make them satisfied.

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