And The WWE Superstar Who Has Wrestled The Most PPV Matches This Decade Is...

A fan has collated statistics from the past ten years of WWE PPVs, and his findings make for some incredibly interesting reading.

No matter what WWE might try to tell you, wins and losses in professional wrestling matter. Yes, the results are pre-determined, but titles are on the line and Superstars who win more matches appear more impressive to the fans. AEW has promised that it will place a real onus on wins and losses once its weekly show starts.

If we want to know how WWE Superstar wins and losses stack up, we have to figure it out for ourselves. Or, even better, rely on the kindness of strangers. Redditor Slyguy46, who previously put together a Rumble by the Numbers spreadsheet, has gotten even more ambitious with his latest project. The budding statistician has collated every win, loss, and no contest from all of WWE's PPVs during the 2010s.

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When it comes to win percentages, due to wrestlers only competing in a handful of matches, some findings can be ignored. We are definitely not here to crown Adam Rose the best PPV wrestler of the past decade (no offence Adam). We're also reluctant to do the same to Ronda Rousey, despite her impressive win rate of 90.91%. Since Brock Lesnar has wrestled more than 30 matches over the past decade, we'll reluctantly label him king of WWE's PPVs with a win percentage of 67.74%.

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The more interesting statistic to arise from the data is the number of matches certain Superstars have wrestled since the beginning of 2010. If WWE's schedule doesn't change, there will be six more main roster PPVs this decade. That means, realistically speaking, four Superstars are in with a chance of being the wrestler with the most matches wrestled on WWE PPVs during the 2010s.

The Miz is currently leading the way on 83. John Cena is second with 82. Randy Orton is in at number three on 81. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston rounds out the top four with 79. Despite being numbers three and four, we think Orton and Kingston have the best chance of finishing the decade on top. The two will do battle at SummerSlam, and the WWE Champion is guaranteed a spot on every PPV. Tally up those matches, and check back in at the end of the year.

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