A Large Number Of WWE Superstars Have Reached Out To AEW

AEW has already landed a handful of marquee superstars who used to work in WWE, including Chris Jericho, Cody and Jon Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose), and they seem bent on recruiting more of Vince McMahon's talents down the road.

There have been a number of disgruntled superstars who have requested their releases since January. The implication is that these wrestlers would like to make the jump to AEW as soon as possible, knowing that better opportunities await them.

Dave Meltzer (h/t Ringside News), touched base on this subject and revealed that there are a large portion of wrestlers who are trying to reach out to AEW. He said that Roman Reigns is one of the superstars who "doesn't want out."

However, Meltzer added that "the amount of people who have contacted AEW would blow your mind." He also noted that WWE is offering "ridiculous" amounts of money to their superstars in order to ensure they don't leave. As Meltzer noted, The Usos and A.J. Styles  signed new deals to stay on.

Last year, Kevin Owens signed a five-year deal to stay with WWE, so we know he isn't going anywhere. Around the same time, Sasha Banks also reportedly a new deal with WWE, though she's been on hiatus since WrestleMania 35 due to creative frustrations.

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It was reported in January that The Revival and Mike and Maria Kanellis requested to be released. WWE offered new contracts to Wilder and Dawson, but the two reportedly turned them down.

Maria hinted that her and Mike's contracts were running up in June, and the latter seemed to confirm that they are now done with WWE. Of course, there are plenty more superstars that seem quite unhappy with the company. They're just staying silent on the matter, and as Meltzer noted, simply counting down the days until they can leave.

What This Means

This is a messy situation for WWE right now, and the McMahons have their hands full in trying to make all their superstars happy. WWE can throw around all the money they want, but as Moxley showed, it's not always about the pay scale. It's about opportunity, and many of WWE's top talents aren't getting that, and it paves the way for more of their wrestlers to leave for AEW in the future.

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