WWE Superstars React To AEW Double Or Nothing

Vince McMahon might not have been watching Double Or Nothing, but a lot of his employees definitely were.

It's the morning after AEW Double Or Nothing and honestly, we still can't get over how great a show it was. Aside from a few minor camera and commentary issues that will be easily ironed out over time, we're struggling to find anything we didn't like about the show. Great matches, huge surprises, and the perfect balance of established wrestlers and new talent.

As the dust begins to settle on what was a historic night for wrestling, fans are rightly questioning what this means for WWE. Admittedly one show is not enough to go on when it comes to predicting how good AEW will be going forward, but it is about as strong a start as they could have hoped for. So strong that the assumption is Raw will be much better this coming Monday as a sort of kneejerk reaction to the show.

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If Raw is drastically improved this Monday, you can rest assured that it won't have been the doing of Vince McMahon. At least not directly. The WWE chairman wouldn't have been watching Double Or Nothing, but it's plain to see a lot of his employees tuned in. Some of them even took to social media to celebrate how great a start AEW had this weekend.

Unsurprisingly, Sasha Banks was incredibly active during the show. The Boss tweeted about Awesome Kong's return and congratulated the rest of the women in that match. Xavier Woods was a little more cryptic. At one point, the New Day member tweeted a gif of a shocked Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark. We're assuming that was a reaction to Cody smashing the Triple H-style throne with a sledgehammer.

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson were even more cryptic again. The Revival tweeted in reaction to The Young Bucks' match against The Lucha Bros. You'd have to imagine that some of the stars above wish they had pushed harder to leave WWE so they could have been a part of Double Or Nothing. Chances are, based on last night, we could see even more WWE departures in the coming weeks.


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