WWE Superstars Who Should Replace Baron Corbin As Raw GM

After the rules for a TLC match worked against Baron Corbin, Corbin felt the wrath of Strowman and friends. He's out as GM, but who's in?

For weeks, Corbin had been running Monday night Raw towards some of the lowest ratings in years. In the storylines for the show, he didn't care and with Vince McMahon returning this coming Monday to Raw to "shake things up", Corbin assumed he was in line for a nice raise and promotion as permanent GM. What he didn't realize was the same Braun Strowman who Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre tried to permanently injured, recruited some friends of his own. The new Raw Tag Team Champions in Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, along with Apollo Crews, Finn Balor and Kurt Angle showed up to help Strowman putting a beating on Corbin, giving Strowman the eventual easy win.

Corbin lost his spot as GM and on Monday, Vince will show up likely arrive on Monday with news that includes naming a new general manager. Who will it be?

Kurt Angle

The former general manager before Corbin became GM-elect was Kurt Angle. The only reason he's not the GM now is thanks to a quick decision by Stephanie McMahon, that of course, was influenced by Corbin. Vince can't be happy with the current ratings for Raw and it makes sense he might blame both Corbin and Stephanie for putting Corbin in charge.

The easiest fix might be to put the old GM back in his position and try to get the ratings back to where they were before he was removed. Clearly, Angle's appearance on Sunday suggests he might be back on a more regular basis.

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Hulk Hogan


Will Hogan finally make his return to WWE? The last time Vince thought the ship was sinking in WWE he felt that the only way to fix the problem was to inject his own poison into the program. He hired the NWO, led by Hogan, who then made their debut at No Way Out. Would Vince do something similar again?

Ironically, NWO is making a comeback with a reunion tour and speculation is that Hogan could be back with WWE any day now. As the GM of Raw, Hogan would inject some life into the program, he wouldn't have to wrestle and if he happens to be part of the NWO, it certainly would be the "big idea" that is rumored to be coming to WWE.

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Vince McMahon

Vince is known to be a rating drawer. He also feels that sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to just tackle it himself. As such, perhaps the new GM will be Vince himself. That would be a long-term mistake but that doesn't mean Vince won't make it.

If the Chairman is going to show up on Raw, perhaps his plan is to stick around. If he says he built WWE into what it is and believes he can take it over and build it up again, he may simply try to run the ship one more time before leaving WWE for good.

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Someone Completely Out of Left Field

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There are so many other potential options that it's hard to hit each one up individually. But, the one thing many of them have in common is that they'd be some of the least likely expected of people. From Mick Foley to Alexa Bliss to Cody Rhodes and his new Elite faction, there are tons of options available that would shake the core of the show on Mondays.

If Vince went with any of these options, the idea behind the decision would be to spark the program with something that might not make a lot of sense but would get people talking.

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