WWE TLC 2018: Asuka Wins SmackDown Women’s Title With Help From Rousey

After a brutal match, Asuka shocked the WWE Universe by winning the SmackDown Women's Title, with a little help from Ronda Rousey.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka were challenging the returning Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Live Women's Championship during the main event of TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs on Sunday night. It was one of the most anticipated matches of the night and it didn't disappoint.

The match had a little bit of everything from storytelling to close calls and brutal spots that, if gone an inch the other way, could have seriously hurt one or more of the competitors. Lynch jumped off the top of a ladder into what she thought would be both Asuka and Flair, yet only Flair took the brunt of the bump, resulting in what appeared to be broken ribs. She wound up not only being fine but coming back into the match, delivered a series of kendo stick shots and a spear to Asuka through the side rail.

The match would continue on for minutes after that spot and included a forward flip from Flair through Lynch who was on a table, multiple ladder shots and most shockingly of all, an appearance by Ronda Rousey who came down to the ring and tipped over a ladder that had both Lynch and Flair on it, leaving them laying. Asuka was quick to take advantage, climb the ladder and grab the title.

What This Means

Outside of rewarding Asuka for being an underdog favorite with a ton of respect from the WWE Universe, there are so many ways WWE can go from here. First, this may mean Lynch and Flair will do battle. Second, it means Rousey will be part of that battle and finally, it appears to mean WWE has decided they are comfortable with Rousey being the heel in this scenario.

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