WWE To Keep Women's Match at Super ShowDown A Secret If Approved

Speculation is WWE is working on a women's match between Alexa Bliss and Natalya on the Super ShowDown card for this coming Friday. But, if WWE is able to get that match approved, further speculation is they won't be promoting the match.

It would be a monumental feat if WWE could start adding women's matches to their Saudi shows. And, it's not terribly far out of the realm of possibility considering female performers have worked in Jeddah over the past year. Still, it's not widely accepted by the Saudi Royal Family and as such, if WWE were able to add a Bliss vs. Natalya match to the card, there might be some backlash.

As a result, whether WWE is able to get this match approved or not prior to Friday's event, fans may not hear about it and a press release likely isn't forthcoming.

According to Dave Meltzer, WWE officials have heavily debated announcing their attempts to get this match on the card and as the wrestling insider reports, no one really knew whether or not it was happening as of early on Thursday. There is a belief the highest of the producers on the totem pole in WWE have a good indication as to the status of what's going on but that it's also possible they don't want news leaking ahead of time in the event local media and people in the area do not approve.

What This Means

Dave Meltzer speculated regarding the story that if Bliss and Natalya don't wrestle on Friday, they could be there to announce that the match will take place at the next WWE event in the Kingdom, expected for November.

If the match doesn't happen at Super ShowDown, one with the women of WWE will happen soon. We already know Renee Young will be there as an announcer and WWE will not rest until the females of the roster are included in their contract with the Saudi Sports Authority.

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