WWE To Launch Their Own Podcast Network

A recent report suggests WWE might be getting into the podcast game by launching their own podcast network.

The report comes from the The Hollywood Reporter but details are still sketchy as to when the network would launch and who would be a part of the programming.

Speculation is that WWE wants to capitalize on the popularity of the podcast genre and recognizes how successful some of their Superstars have been in the podcast industry. Giving WWE Superstars an audio platform would be the next logical step considering how much money the WWE Network pulls in for the company and how well some of the talent would do if given their own show.

The question becomes, would WWE focus on giving a platform for former stars like Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Edge and Christian and others who already have shows, or would they give opportunities to talents like Rusev, Xavier Woods and others who are huge on social media and wound relish a chance to host their own shows? If the former, would that mean WWE would try and purchase the rights to shows that stars like Edge and Christian already host? And, would that limit their creative freedom to say whatever they wanted?

WWE is partnering with Endeavor Audio for the new project. This is the same company that powers the WWE Network and works with The Bella Twins on their Bellas Podcast.

What This Means

The wrestling podcast industry may be the most popular of all podcast industries. The business has certainly offered opportunities for talent like Bubba Dudley, Mark Henry and others to extend their careers in the industry without being physical.

If you could choose anyone to have their own show on WWE’s new podcast network? Who would it be? Our vote goes to Vince McMahon himself. It would be absolutely fascinating to see what he would and wouldn’t say about certain subjects and if he would limit himself in what he says.

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